Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If I were on stage right now I'd be giving a big shout out to all my friends who left such amazing feedback on my videos and on Beaded Adornment's products. You're all awesome!
There's another shout out going to my daughter Zoe who has been hard at work creating her river rock necklaces. After selling out of her original inventory, she's been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and has a pretty lofty goal: earning enough money for her own laptop.

Zoe has reinvested all of her earnings into supplies and is equipped to mass produce her rock necklaces. She's also expanded her line to include river rock magnets which will be sold in sets. Seeing Zoe's success, big sister Sierra has jumped on board and created the first set.
Please help support my hard working girls by visiting my Etsy shop:


  1. I think it great you have two use enterprising daughters...You are a great roll model for them...They get their talent from mama

  2. You are wonderful for my ego! Thank you for the compliment.

    My girls are really great kids. I'm very fortunate. They are learning some great real life skills too - when my middle daughter found out about taking earnings and reinvesting the funds into supplies she was shocked that this is how businesses run. Her response was, "How much do I have to sell to see a profit?" Ha! Out of the mouths of babes.

  3. That is a beautiful pendant! Good luck to you and your daughters!